Janice Ling

Janice Ling   /   Canada , Ottawa

Teaching Style

I believe in applied learning through having fun, practice and building fundamental knowledge. My lessons are creative and students are invited to participate in sharing topics that interest and intrigue them. I invite students and agencies to share their educational objectives and desires so that I can best assist in directing and referring them to those directions.

My Interests

Arts, Languages, Culture, Family, Environment, Food, Sports, Outdoors, Gardening, Music, Community, Architectutre, Design, Innovations, Renewable Resources. Pretty well everything under the sun and stars. I enjoy spending time with family and getting to know those I teach. Sharing knowledge to improve lives and circumstances comes naturally to me so I enjoy learning as much as possible so that I can pass on skills and what I learn. Nothing is more satisfying than experiencing successes from my students and people I meet.


International Languages Programs, Conseil des Ecoles Catholiques du Centre Est, Mississippi Valley Artmakers at Artmakers Studio, Arts for Health and Learning Charity, Chinese Canadian Heritage and Cultural Association


University of Quebec, George Brown College, Toronto Institute of Medical Technology

1985 - 1991
Chiropody, French

Work History

Harbourfront, Scouts Canada

1985 - 1991
Education and Recreation Department Coordinator and Instructor

LetsGo2Class Inc

2020 - 2020
CEO, Founding Member

LetsGo2Class Inc, Conseil des Ecoles Catholiques du Centre Est

2020 - 2020
CEO, Founding Member, Instructor in Charge

Orthopaedic and Arthritic Hospital

1987 - 1997
Clinical Chiropodist

Courses from Janice Ling
Learn to Speak English

Learn to Speak English

This is a beginner's course suitable for students who want to learn the English alphabet, simple words describing and introducing one self. Learn nouns, verbs and adjectives as well as have fun with spelling. Week by week, we will study how to arrange words to build simple sentences. Games, songs will help with making learning fun and memorable.

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