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When to teach You set the dates/time or you can offer custom times for your course. You control your calendar to help make teaching easier.
CHOOSE A CLASSROOM Choose your cloud classroom to suit your teaching preference. You can choose private classroom to group classrooms.
PLAN AHEAD Message your students through Let'sGo2Class to get to know them and answer questions. Plan ahead and prepare your lessons
WELCOME YOUR STUDENTS Introduce yourself to your students via Let'sGo2Class email (or video message) prior to the start of your course. Access your class at least 15 minutes prior to each lesson. You can upload your lesson plans from your laptop or computer and use features such as upload files or screen share to compliment your live lessons.
HOW STUDENTS PAY Let'sGo2Class handles all of the payments so you never have to deal directly with money. Students pay before they learn from you.
HOW YOU GET PAID Your payment is automatically handled by electronic transfer, 24 hours after your course ends (the transfer is within 14 days). You can also choose recurring payouts for courses that run over a long period of time. It’s easy.
EARNINGS AND FEES Creating and listing your course on Let'sGo2Class is free. You keep what you earn minus a small amount of money processing fee charged to transfer your Course fees into your account. This will show up as a Transaction fee in your Account.
WHAT TO CHARGE What you charge is up to you. You can set a fee for courses or you can volunteer teach. Teachers earn what they charge minus the processing fee. Students pay a Registration fee. LetsGo2Class covers the transaction fees for free courses.
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