Art of Chinese Ink Painting

Art of Chinese Ink Painting

Learn the 5 fundamental brush strokes in Chinese Ink Art and Calligraphy Using Traditional Skills, learn to make organic ink Create Pictographs and images of flowers, plants, birds and mammals.

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Duration: 01:00 hours


Duration: 00:15 hours


Duration: 00:30 hours

Introduction to Mandarin Chinese

Duration: 01:00 hours

Course Fee 75.00 $
Registration Fee 7.5 $
Course Start Date 10 Nov 2017
Start Time 01:00
End Time 02:00
Time Zone America/Toronto
Course Frequency weekly
Number of Students 6
Number of Lessons 4
Course Category Arts
Course Suitability Special Interest


Janice Ling
University of Quebec, George Brown College, Toronto Institute of Medical Technology