About Us

Founded by educators in 2014 and based in Ottawa, Canada, Let'sGo2Class is a trusted community education sharing platform for people to create, list and teach courses or discover, register and learn courses with people around the world in their own live online classrooms.

Whether academics, arts, culture, languages, health care, skills, culinary, trades, special interest, technology, professional discussion groups or tutoring, Let'sGo2Class invites people to innovate, create, and grow education opportunities.

Let'sGo2Class connects people to learning experiences at any time, at any budget worldwide. With world-class user support and a growing community, Let'sGo2Class helps create opportunity for affordable, accessible and sustainable education and build micro education economy for those who teach. It is the easiest way for people to promote their knowledge as well as to showcase and share innovative, unique, fundamental and interesting learning opportunities for students everywhere.

Let'sGo2Class – A world of knowledge, pass it on!